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St Andrew’s Kindergarten 

President and elected Committee Members 2021

  • President:  Fr Michael Danaher

  • Vice President: Erin Bell

  • Secretary : Laura Parker

  • Treasurer: Tiffany Wang

  • Maintenance/Capital Works : Agostino Maio

  • Marketing/Communication : Kristy Linke

  • Fundraising Co-coordinator : Zoe Angelakis

  • Special Events: Kartika Widosari

  • IT Co-ordinator: James Parker

  • General Committee: Jessica Bufalino



Role Description:


The vicar of St Andrew's Anglican Church automatically fills this role as described in our constitution.  

President: Fr Michael Danaher



The Vice-President acts as a support to the President, can sign cheques, and is the liaison person for the Committee with BPA, and with the Director and other staff. The Vice-President monitors Committee business including prompting or supporting the implementation of Committee policies, procedures and decisions, and facilitating responses to other issues involving the Committee as they arise.



The Secretary, in consultation with the President or Vice-President, prepares the monthly agenda for committee meetings, takes and types the minutes, and distributes the agenda and minutes to Committee members and the BPA liaison officer. The Secretary also provides a report on all incoming and outgoing correspondence including any action that is required. The secretary can sign cheques and is the kindergarten's nominated Public Officer and is responsible for submitting the associated documentation involved with payment of the annual incorporation fee to BPA after the AGM. BPA send the documentation and payment to the Department of Consumer and Business Affairs.



The Treasurer is responsible for all banking and cash-flow associated with the St Andrew's Kindergarten accounts outside of what the BPA Children’s Services controls, including updating of signatures. This mostly relates to fundraising, payment of bills and overseeing the management of investment accounts. BPA is responsible for the employment and management of staff, the collection of fees, payments of all accounts not related to fundraising, insurance matters, and prepares monthly financial reports for the Committee. The Treasurer presents this report at meetings and also reports on activity within the kindergarten's accounts.


Maintenance Officer

The Equipment Officer liaises with staff and BPA in dealing with the ad hoc maintenance issues, organizes working bees (usually one a term), and investigates potential capital improvements as determined by the Committee in consultation with the St. Andrew's Anglican vestry and BPA.

Special Events Coordinators 

The Special Events Co-ordinator organises special events, enlisting the help of other parents, such as the Welcome BBQ, Trivia Evening, the Art Show or any other event that the committee would consider running. Tasks include promotion to parents, collecting and depositing of money and providing receipts/details to the Treasurer.


Fundraising Co-ordinator Plus Fundraising Volunteers

The Fundraising Co-ordinator, organises a sub-committee of at least two Fundraising Volunteers (who are called for at the General Meeting, but not formally voted onto the committee) to organise at least one fundraising activity per term such as Hot Cross Bun Drive, picture plates/tea towels, embroidered clothing, or raffles. This is in addition to co-ordinating the annual fete and Bunnings BBQ which have regular procedures and attract many helpers. Other responsibilities of the co-ordinator involve submitting a yearly calendar of proposed activities to the Committee for approval early in Term 1, producing flyers for families, collecting and depositing money, and providing receipts and details of income and expenditure to the Treasurer.


Marketing/Communications Officer

The Marketing/Communications Officer produces a newsletter each term or as required during the year. The role also organizes real estate advertising boards and promotional posters and brochures to advertise the kindergarten, its activities and enrolment events throughout the year, and assists with other issues as they arise e.g. advertising in local papers and thanking local businesses for their support for the Trivia Evening with consultation with the Special Events Co-ordinator.


IT Co-ordinator

The IT Officer will have an ability to discuss IT/Technology requirements with kindergarten staff and committee members and make recommendations for future IT/Technology related expenditure. It also includes keeping the kinder website up to date with newsletters and information around events.


Parents are asked to help out on duty rosters and sub-committees or events to share the load across families.

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