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What We Do:  BPA Children’s Services (BPA) is a not-for-profit organisation that works in partnership with parent committees, to manage kindergartens and child care centres.


BPA aims to take the hard work out of being on a kindergarten/child care centre committee and to provide a stable professional employment situation for staff. Parent committees still get to have a say, but are not required to be fully responsible for all legal and financial requirements of running a children’s service.  


In brief, the BPA is responsible for:  

  • Proprietorship, Management and Co-ordination of the Centre, including employment of all staff; 

  • The legal (including regulatory) responsibilities of the Centre; 

  • The completion of all paper work required by the Department of Education & Early Childhood Development (DEECD) to satisfy the funding agreement; 

  • Ensuring the financial viability of the Centre (i.e. funding, fee collection, chasing bad debts, budgets, paying of accounts, etc.); 

  • Provision of a full financial service, including a comprehensive payroll system; 

  • Provision of a resource and support service for all centres within the BPA;  


The role of the parent committee is to work with BPA to assist in decision making and to ensure that centres continue to provide the best possible educational program to the children who attend.


This partnership only works if the much valued parental input continues at the centre level.  


BPA Children’s Services is a not-for-profit organisation and does not pay dividends to shareholders thereby enabling more resources for our programs and a richer experience and education for your children.  


Our Mission Statement  

BPA Children’s Services is committed to the right of every child to have access to quality early childhood educational programs. BPA Children’s Services believes that the principals of equity, access and cultural relevance must be developed and implemented for the benefit of the children and their families, participating in these programs.  

BPA can be contacted at:     

BPA Children's Services 30 Radnor Drive, Deer Park, VIC, 3023  

Tel:  9312 3689  Fax:  9312 4754

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